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Chapter 406 public file
As they were actually from the identical examination region for your created check-up, they might are part of the identical vicinity for any deal with assessments .
Exiled for the Faith
Nevertheless, the amount 2 inspector pa.s.sed by Hao Ren’s space without consuming his ident.i.ty expression .
For a top-level dharma cherish, the Mountain-Stream Qian-Kun Painting was vibrant and fast, attracting people’s attention when Zhao Hongyu maneuvered it to the arenas with her party onto it .
Swoosh… While inspectors flew all over the lines of areas, wood tokens flew up 1 soon after one other .
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Looking around, Zhen Congming crossed his arms looking at his pectoral and appeared unconcerned about how precisely far Hao Ren could go inside the compet.i.tion .
Hao Ren’s center lurched . Quickening his steps, he jogged to the alley entrance many yards far from him .
245 versus 246!
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Definitely, this world was identified as Jing Zhe, and all of 24 compact arenas in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine were actually called right after the 24 Solar powered Terms .
The well known tactics along with the burly physique belonged to none of us but Zhao Kuo!
The cultivators getting around the places had been all wearing exactly the same brown robe, and Hao Ren couldn’t locate Zhao Kuo and this includes in spite of how challenging he appeared .
Swoos.h.!.+ Yet another solid wood expression suddenly flew in the midsection of 1 cultivator .
If he were definitely a regular cultivator, he could have been kicked out of your Dragon G.o.d Shrine from the inspector for yelling he could be disqualified and in all likelihood be not allowed to penetrate the Dragon G.o.d Shrine’s general tests for the upcoming three years . Nonetheless, due to the fact he was an a.s.sisting inspector, he got a warning .
“Gongzi!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili jumped down from the dharma cherish and termed out to Hao Ren cheerfully .
This has been the relaxed before the thunderstorm .
The close by cultivators checked out Hao Ren and envied him .
Seeing Hao Ren neglect her, Zhao Yanzi’s facial area reddened with anger .
Hao Ren discovered that the preliminary compet.i.tions were definitely arranged in the sequence on the phone numbers, in which he quickened his actions on the indication .
The elderly people in the dragon palace who came with Zhao Hongyu’s spouse and children were only The best Xia, Elder Lu, and Elder Sun .
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Hao Ren might need to combat with Zhao Kuo in the future .
This was the tranquil just before the tornado .
Apart from the a few deputy examiners who observed the fights, there were plenty of stage 1 and level 2 inspectors who had been liable for maintaining ratings and arranging compet.i.tions .
Hao Ren suddenly switched to think about the cultivator who had been his next door neighbor for the eventually left throughout the published examination yesterday, and also this examinee who appeared to be his forties also switched to consider Hao Ren alertly .
The many cultivators who experienced created the exam tensed up promptly .
On the other hand, as one of the main examiners, Qin Shaoyang didn’t sound focused on the preliminary battles given that he didn’t are available out of the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . Rather, he experienced required about three deputies to arrive out while keeping buy .
Swoosh… Although the inspectors flew along the rows of suites, hardwood tokens flew up one just after an additional .
The close by cultivators investigated Hao Ren and envied him .
The failed cultivators may go back home or stay to view the fights . These cultivators who didn’t enter in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine yesterday could actually enter into now .
The exam venue just before daybreak looked calm and quiet, however, everyone was occupied get yourself ready for the exam!
“Uncle!” Finding Hao Ren looking at the Lu sisters, Zhao Yanzi termed out yet again, displeased .
Which has been why the ident.i.ty of an.s.sisting inspector was a physical object of covet!
Ever since the general assessments for the Dragon G.o.d Shrine was a great occasion during the Dragon Tribe, the group temporarily identified as back many inspectors . As a result, the volume of inspectors back for the Dragon G.o.d Shrine arrived at a peak .
This tip additional mystery for the Dragon G.o.d Shrine .
She was dressed in a radiant patterned outfit, hunting quite lively amongst the brown robes of your surrounding cultivators .
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Jia Yin, Yi Yin, Bin Yin, Ding Yin… Jia Mao, Yi Mao, Bin Mao, Ding Mao…
245 versus 246!
Numerous inspectors arrived together yet again .
“Hao Ren, our company is rooting for you . ” Xie Yujia stepped down out of the piece of art and believed to Hao Ren even though blus.h.i.+ng .
“Mom…” Zhao Yanzi sensed wronged and checked up at Zhao Hongyu . Nevertheless, Zhao Hongyu appeared to be on Hao Ren’s side and didn’t clearly show any intention of scolding him .
Numerous inspectors wearing sterling silver robes ended up walking the arenas whilst the examinees wearing brown robes were definitely ranking next to the segments .

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