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Chapter 977 – Absolute Defense stay ticket
The Seven Seas Dragon Master sent back to the underwater abyss, but to Zhou Wen’s dismay, he didn’t travel for that under water palace where the individual was. As an alternative, he inserted a cave to relax.
Zhou Wen was overjoyed. This sort of armor’s shield was definitely a life-conserving weapon. It was stronger than Dragon Range Armor.
Zhou Wen applied the 3,000 sword intents. Sword Dietary supplement already got the principles with the 3,000 sword intents. Now, with Zhou Wen while using thirteen stances, the might and basics were much stronger than when Zhou Wen slashed along with his sword.
Zhou Wen’s sword methods were pretty good now, but he couldn’t obtain an edge against the short sword.
It senses so great lacking try using a sword to slash at other people. It is not surprising a lot of people like hovering swords. It is indeed a skill suitable for sluggish folks.
Previously, she wouldn’t even spend mankind a glance, far less request such a irrational issue.
Overall Strength… Complete Defense… Could there be such as Total Speed… When I can assemble a complete set, it will be really remarkable
The effectiveness of Complete Safeguard was probably corresponding to Tyrant Behemoth’s Absolute Sturdiness. On the other hand, a single was for offense while other was for defense.
The time period of Total Defense was shorter than Overall Durability, but it was already very strong. Even best Mythical power couldn’t damage Zhou Wen when Complete Safeguard was initialized.
The Seven Seas Dragon Ruler delivered to the under the water abyss, but to Zhou Wen’s dismay, he didn’t brain to the marine palace the location where the human was. As a substitute, he accessed a cave to rest.
The Seven Seas Dragon Emperor sent back into the under water abyss, but to Zhou Wen’s dismay, he didn’t brain to the marine palace where the individual was. Alternatively, he joined a cave to relax.
Having a idea, the resplendent gemstone-like Sword Product shown up looking at Zhou Wen. Then, with Zhou Wen’s will, it stabbed with the quick sword.
Let Me Game in Peace
What strong safety!
That has a thought, the resplendent diamond-like Sword Supplement appeared looking at Zhou Wen. Then, with Zhou Wen’s will, it stabbed at the quick sword.
Right after Zhou Wen turned on Absolute Security, he pointed out that he couldn’t even feel the getting rid of high temperature from the flaming sword beam. Zhou Wen stood there and enabled the original sword to constantly reduce at him. At the most, it would only mail him retreating a handful of steps with Overall Safeguard protecting against him from becoming hurt in any respect.
Sword Capsule plus the quick sword constantly clashed in midair, changing Zhou Wen in to a spectator.
Can it be which the advancement of Sword Supplement has nothing at all related to swords?
Zhou Wen came in front of a sword tomb again and drawn out a shorter sword.
Chapter 977: Overall Security
The brief sword loaded the atmosphere with fire the way it attacked Zhou Wen yet again. It had been clearly a Mythical fireplace-elemental historic sword. The power of the fire was rather powerful.
“The Seven Seas Dragon Master went to find out that individual. Regardless of whether we are able to leave behind, only loss awaits us. Let us look forward to now.” Zhou Wen didn’t have a great alternative. Even when he didn’t prefer to eavesdrop, now wasn’t some time to emerge from.
Miya was vexed, but there is absolutely nothing she could do. She couldn’t even leave behind to possibility her everyday life now.
The strength of Utter Shield was probably much like Tyrant Behemoth’s Overall Sturdiness. Nonetheless, one particular was for offense even though the other was for security.
“She’s probably captured.” Despite the fact that Zhou Wen didn’t observe the man grab Feng Qiuyan and Qin Ling, he could guess how the person wouldn’t permit Qin Ling depart.
“What’s bad?” Miya expected Zhou Wen in puzzlement when she noticed Tyrant Behemoth place over the ice dragon teeth and prevent excavating.

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